Providing a safe place to learn and grow

紧急服务 & 校园安全 is located in a building on the west of Sutcliffe Hall. All officers are certified as Unarmed Professionals through the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, as well as Red Cross certified in First Aid, 心肺复苏, 和AED的使用.

Aerial shot of Campus, Sutcliffe


  • Gym lobby — Across from the drinking fountain.
  • East JCA south lobby — On the south wall opposite the cafeteria main doors.
  • Sutcliffe — By the Office of the 注册商 / south entrance.


Members of the campus community can use courtesy phones located across campus to contact 校园安全. 就拨 6499.

Back of Students Walking on Fall Day

“It has been truly remarkable to see the commitment to student, 工作人员, and faculty safety on the part of the current administration – including the President, the Board and the Vice Presidents. The 校园安全 and Emergency Management Department addresses all threats to campus safety, be it man-made or natural. Thank you for allowing us to serve you by serving Christ in furtherance of His Kingdom.”

Josh Harper, Director of Emergency Management and 校园安全